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Hi all
we are a fingerprinting service  and will take fingerprints  for the purposes of emigration work, overseas
study, visas and security checks and south African passport renewals.
If you need any more information regarding this please call or just have a look on our testimonials page.
I needed an FBI check to become a nurse in the U.K. after using police Scotland multiple times without success. I turned to Mark whom was excellent from beginning to end. If you are ever looking for someone to help at reasonable price. Please do not hesitate to use mark
Connor Cassidy

Mark McLoughlin Fingerprint Service provides efficient, reliable and excellent service. I highly recommend this service to everyone who needs their fingerprints taken for the FBI clearance check. Mark understands the requirements very well, and he will ensure that your document is completed correctly. Once again, thank you for your assistance
Uyen Tran

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your professional service in taking my fingerprints and assisting me with filling out my forms. I submitted my application to the FBI by FedEx on the Tuesday after our appointment and had my clearance by the Friday! I start my new role this coming Monday. I'll absolutely recommend you to anyone else I know who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Thanks again,
Andrew Lightfoot    14/11/2018


Fingerprints taken on Saturday 21st, FedExed on Monday 23rd, received Wednesday 25th, status approval email Thursday 26th.  (In case you want a timeline!).
Thanks again
Received email from the FBI yesterday confirming my good character so thank you for your assistance.
Best wishes
Morag Higham

On 26 Jul 2018, at 18:27, Morag

Jayne Booth  06/03/2018

It is not easy to get fingerprints done at any police station in Scotland - in fact it is nigh on impossible. Mark is very well organised, approachable and efficient. I needed fingerprints for a new job in the UK after living in Canada for a few years. A bit of an adventure getting there on public transit (49 bus stops away via the 44 bus from Princes St) and I was a bit late but June (Mark's wife) was still there to welcome me at their door. 

Thank you Mark and June. 

Excellent service!


Hector Ortiz     08/09/2017

Very professional service. Highly recommended.

Joseph Bartoletti

I needed to get an Identity History Summary from the FBI in support of the vetting process for a new job. Not being familiar with the process and where to get my fingerprints taken, I luckily found Mark's website. He called me straight away after receiving my email enquiry and was able to make an appointment on a Sunday to suit my schedule. Brilliant service and would recommend Mark to anyone needing a quality fingerprinting service. Thanks again, Mark!

Derek Reilly  [email protected]

I needed ink prints for security checks having worked abroad for several years. Mark offers a unique service which is hard to find. The quality of his ink prints are first class and his attention to detail is admirable. if you need prints done don't go anywhere else. You will not be disappointed and the price for his service is excellent. .

Jason Strelzow    10/06/2017
Mark and June were fantastic. Very easy to arrange an appointment, accommodating to individual schedules and professional. Couldn't recommend them enough. Had all my fingerprints taken for an overseas job and the process was smoother than I could have imagined - no issues with the FBI and state police - fingerprints were read without any issue. Really appreciated the service. Hands down the place to go if you need fingerprints!!

Cheryl Shearer on 13 May 2013 20:26
Excellent service. Incredibly fast and accomodating, very professional.would highly recommend.
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Kristi on 21 August 2013 18:06
Highly recommendable service. Mark was very accommodating and expedient with his service. A great source for all fingerprinting requirements. Overall reliable, speedy, and excellent service.
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Christy Okie on 16 September 2013 07:10
I had been through two rejections of my fingerprints by the FBI and was concerned about how to get good ones after that. Mark was encouraging and though I have tough fingers to print, he took wonderful prints and was willing to work with me as long as it took to get them. Mark ended up having to take four sets of fingerprints but he only charged me for two, which is what I needed, and he gave me a discount on those two. It was a four-hour trip to Edinburgh by train but it was absolutely worth it. His place was easy to find from the train stop and his wife came out the door to the end of the sidewalk to meet me. I would definitely recommend his service to anyone needing fingerprints in Scotland, and I will be sure to give his information to my place of employment in case anyone else needs to get them. Thirty-five years of experience taking fingerprints counts for a lot!
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Manuela Zelik on 15 October 2013 20:49
After contacting Edinburgh police headquarters and being told that they didn't do fingerprinting anymore and they could not recommend anyone - just to check on the internet I pictured myself having to go down to London to get fingerprints done for my new ID book/passport. I went onto google and searched for fingerprints done in Edinburgh and this was the first result that came up. I briefly scanned through the website, found a contact number and address- called and spoke to June who was able to arrange an appointment right away. I then received a confirmation text with directions too! Finding the place was easy and Mark was organised and prepared for my appointment. We got straight down to business and the whole thing was done in not more than ten minutes. His fee was very reasonable, especially for the convenience and not having any hassle of having to wait etc. In all, the politeness and friendliness I received from June and Mark as well as the professionalism would make me highly recommend them to anyone from in and around Edinburgh who is requiring this service.
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Doug Campbell on 23 October 2013 17:03
Thanks to the professionalism and friendly service of Mark and June, I was able to have my fingerprints taken which satisfied the South African authorities. Because of Mark & June's friendly and efficient service, I have just received my police clearance from South Africa. Thanks you for all your help. I would highly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.
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Chantel on 06 November 2013 22:14
Mark and June were very helpful and efficient with taking my finger prints and it was a lot cheaper than flying down to London. Convenient as well as they take appointments on weekends too so helpful if you work during the week. Would highly recommend to anyone needing finger prints and someone who knows the process!
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David Werner on 18 November 2013 16:14
I recently got my finger prints taken by the service as the Scottish Police Force no longer has ink stations. They were very professional and friendly. The service was done quickly and efficiently. There was no question that he had done this for a number of years and was highly qualified to conduct the task.
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Iain Torrance on 13 December 2013 14:09
I'm a former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and had to obtain a "certificate of good conduct" from the FBI because I had spent several years in the US and needed a particular kind of security clearance in the UK. Mark and June could not have been more helpful. Without them, I suppose I would have had to travel to London. They were immensely helpful and professional. I thoroughly recommend Mark.
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Yvon on 27 December 2013 01:14
Happy customer, good and efficient service. I am pleased with the work. I almost had to godown south to get them done but this service saved me. It was a wonderful job very professional. Thank you 😊
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Melissa Reed on 22 January 2014 12:37
I had my fingerprints taken for a background check with the FBI so I could work in the UK. I just received my report back from the FBI and the fingerprints were accepted no problem. The service was very professional and Mark was very friendly. I was also pleased to find them near Edinburgh as it saved having to go down south for the service. I highly recommend them.
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Marek Wisniewski on 22 May 2014 21:10
After almost a month of being fed with misinformation and extremely poor customer service at the police station regarding obtaining the fingerprints for RCMP criminal check I finally came to my senses and contacted Mark, and he arranged the appointment for Sunday, so I could send all the documents off to Canada on Monday. 10mins, all done and dusted! I wish I did it straight away. I highly recommend this service. Thank you Mark :)
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Jay Campbell on 28 July 2014 15:00
Right from the moment I made the appointment, Mark and June McLoughlin could not have been more helpful. Despite being incredibly accessible from Wallyford station I was sent directions by text and once I was there, not only did I receive the fingerprint service I'd expected, but Mark was able to explain everything still required for the renewal of my South African passport, putting my mind completely at rest. I would highly recommend this superb service to anyone facing the red tape of SA passport renewal. Thanks!
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Lucy Young on 05 August 2014 17:32
I was asked to obtain a criminal record check from my new employer which required finger prints to be taken. Having been given no info/direction on how to obtain these I eventually found Mark's website. I received an extremely quick reply and not only did he fit me in at a time suitable for me but he also gave me more information which I needed to apply for my criminal check in Canada. Fast, friendly, knowledgeable, professional service. I would highly recommend Mark and his work to anyone. Thanks again Mark!
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I needed a Canadian RCMP criminal record check done fast for a job here in Edinburgh. Called Mark in the evening and he saw me the next morning. He also was able to advise me how the process worked and recommend which agencies in Canada to work with. Fast, professional service and very helpful. Thanks!"From: Pardons <[email protected]>
Date: 09/07/2015 20:30 (GMT+00:00)
To: [email protected]
Subject: Fingerprints Received

Hi Mark,


Just a very quick introduction from across the pond.


My office received the fingerprints today, that you took for one our clients.

I would just like to say thank you for a great job. It certainly makes our job much easier to scan and convert fingerprints to send off to the RCMP when we get excellent quality fingerprints sent to us.


If there is ever anything that I can do to help you in your endeavours in glorious Musselburgh, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


Thank you Mark and feel free to scan our website (link below).

We have a full fingerprint service provided for people living abroad who need an RCMP criminal record check. All the forms etc. are available on our website right here:


Thank you Mark and have a great day.


With Regards

Philip Williams

ID Services Coordinator

Commissionaires Security Solutions

Kingston Regional Office

737 Arlington Park Place, Kingston, ON K7M 8M8

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 613-634-4432 ext 160

Toll Free: 1-877-34603631-877-3460363 FREE

Fax: 613-634-2358


Robert Johnstone  

[email protected]

Great service,Flexible with times and professional, would recommend

[email protected]

Kirsty Theron

Excellent service, very helpful and accommodating. No queues involved as one can book an appointment. If you are travelling from Glasgow, it is very easy to find. A big thank you to Mark and June for the good service.


[email protected]

Property Rentals

If you want good fingerprints to satisfy the FBI then Mark is the man he has spent over thirty years in the business and is a professional in the taking of prints.


[email protected]


Mark offers an incredible service where he truly goes above and beyond. When I contacted Mark he was able to accommodate me that day. When I arrived he and his wife were friendly and efficient- I was even given a ride to the train station afterwards! Mark gave me information about how best to submit my fingerprints which saved me money and provided an extra copy to ensure the results would be processed accurately and quickly. I received my results promptly and without any issue, I know that I owe a huge part of that to Mark. I was feeling overwhelmed by getting my police check done from another country and I walked away saying Mark truly brightened the entire experience. Cannot recommend Mark McLoughlin any higher.

Kristen     08/07/2016

[email protected]

Mark provides an excellent service to anyone needing fingerprints in the Edinburgh region. I had my prints taken for an FBI background check and there were no problems with processing the prints. His office is easily reachable by train and not far from Edinburgh Waverly. Mark is very friendly and very good at his job. I would recommend him to anyone needing their prints done!


[email protected]

Thanks for a very efficient, helpful and professional fingerprinting service, which has saved me a costly trip down to London.


Phil Fitness

[email protected]

highly recommend Mark, he is professional and it took no time at all to get the prints. He also gave me a second set of fingerprints for free as I have unusual prints.


Ella Cross

[email protected]    Student

I needed fingerprints for a Japanese certificate of good conduct. Mark was able to make an appointment for me with short notice and offered a professional and personal service. The fingerprints were accepted without any problems. A great local service and one that I wouldn't hesitate to use again.


Michelle McQuade

 [email protected]

I contacted Mark late on a Tuesday night he called first thing in the morning. I got an appointment immediately at a time that suited. His directions were excellent. He had everything ready, it was quick easy and very professional. I had no trouble with fingerprints. Excellent job done. Thank you again Mark.


Geoff Thomas    17/01/20017

I had my fingerprints taken for A United States FBI check to support a visa application to Canada. The process was very swift, I was also given all of the required information of where to send my fingerprints to etc by Mark making my life so much easier. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone. Thank you so much for everything.

[email protected]

Brian Paul     18/01/2017

[email protected]

Brilliant Service, responsive and very helpful. Mark has provided fingerprint services for my numerous family members successful applications to the South African Police and Immigration Services. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Justin Horne        20/01/2017

Fantastic and essential service. I am disabled and they were incredibly patient and accommodating with the prints. Quick and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Leah Peattie    22/01/2017

Excellent service received when I had fingerprints taken for an FBI check to support an application for work in the education sector. Professional, friendly and prompt service. I appreciated all the advice given by Mark to ensure my application was filled out and sent correctly. Had no issues whatsoever with getting the check done because of Marks advice and perfect set of fingerprints taken. I have recommended this service and will continue to recommend.

I needed a Canadian RCMP criminal record check done fast for a job here in Edinburgh. Called Mark in the evening and he saw me the next morning. He also was able to advise me how the process worked and recommend which agencies in Canada to work with. Fast, professional service and very helpful. Thanks!

Mark McKerrell      02/04/2017

[email protected]
Rebecca Milne

Great service - Mark was so comaccommodating and helpful to myself and my friend who needed fingerprints quickly! We needed the fingerprints for an FBI check to support our Canadian visa applications. These were accepted first time and we now both have our visas :) Thanks for the excellent, speedy service! Would highly recommend to any one in Edinburgh/surrounding areas.